HBLB Equine Grants System

EGS Use Policy


Equine Grants System (‘EGS’) Use Policy
Use of the EGS website is subject to the following policy and your use of this website constitutes acceptance of this same policy.

Authenticated access to the EGS website is only granted to registered users of the EGS system. If you are not a registered user and wish to register then please refer to the EGS Eligibility Criteria for further information.

All registered users must keep their username and password confidential at all time.

Personal Information
To support the Horserace Betting Levy Board (‘the HBLB’) grant awarding process it is necessary for the EGS website to collect and present appropriate personal information.

Users of the EGS website must respect the confidentiality of all personal information and must not pass this information to any other party.

Users of the EGS must ensure that all personal information is both up to date and accurate.

Other Information
All EGS users submit information to the EGS website at their own risk. The HBLB does not accept responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage which may occur from the loss of such information. EGS users are responsible for maintaining the original sources of all information uploaded or entered via the EGS website.

Errors or Omissions
The HBLB makes every effort to ensure that all information presented within the EGS website is correct however if any errors or omissions are found then you must contact equine.grants@hblb.org.uk so that the HBLB can remedy the problem.

Other parties may provide links to the EGS public web pages however the HBLB does not permit any page, or page element, within the EGS website to be loaded into frames within any other site.

All EGS web pages must load into the user's entire web browser window and only via the full egs.hblb.org.uk domain name.

The HBLB makes every effort to check for viruses within all files processed by this system however we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, disruption or damage which may occur whilst using material derived from this website. All users of the EGS website are responsible for maintaining the integrity of their own computer systems.

Authenticated access to the EGS website requires use of a cookie that is generated for each authenticated web session. This cookie is non permanent.