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Privacy Statement


This web application is used to hold and process information that includes personal data - if you are a user of this
application or are a named participant in the funding process supported by this system then this Privacy Statement
and also our general Privacy Policy will be relevant to you.

How we Process Your Personal Data

If you are a grant applicant, co-applicant, application reviewer, HBLB funding administrator, university finance
officer or a member of the HBLB Veterinary Advisory Committee (VAC) you can use this website to participate in the
HBLB’s equine veterinary research funding programme – for more information please refer to the Veterinary Science
and Education section of our main website www.hblb.org.uk.

To use this website we need to know some information about you such as your name, your organisation, your work
responsibilities and your contact information, the latter can include your address, place of work, email address,
and appropriate telephone numbers. If you are an applicant, co-applicant, collaborator, reviewer or a member of the
VAC then we will need some information about your academic background – this information will include
qualifications, disciplines, areas of expertise and specialisms.

The personal data processed by this website may be given to us when you apply for funding, when another applicant
names you as a possible co-applicant or collaborator, when you are suggested as a possible application reviewer, or
when you are enrolled as a user to support administration of the funding process.

The personal data that we collect is required so that we can more effectively administer our funding programme.

Your personal data will be visible to:

Your personal contact data may also be shared with selected third parties that are appointed to act on HBLB’s behalf.

Third parties acting on behalf of HBLB will be required to follow all applicable data protection legislation.

Lawful Basis

The Personal Data within this application is processed to fulfil the Public Task of supporting the advancement or
encouragement of veterinary science or veterinary education, and also the Legitimate Interest of improving HBLB’s
service to its stakeholders.


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More Information

For more information about your data protection rights, how we protect your data, and how to make a complaint please
see our Privacy Policy.

For more information about HBLB’s Public Tasks please refer to Background and Statutory Responsibilities.