HBLB Equine Grants System

Funding Background


The HBLB awards grants for equine veterinary research projects that aim to benefit the health and welfare of horses, particularly the Thoroughbred. Applications are invited from veterinary schools, other University departments and research institutes in Great Britain.

Grants are for up to 3 years, in any equine veterinary discipline including basic sciences, and are awarded on the recommendation of the HBLB Veterinary Advisory Committee. There is no maximum grant but awards will only be made for projects with realistic, well-designed budgets.

The goal of the HBLB’s veterinary research funding is to support scientifically robust research projects which will benefit the health and welfare of horses, particularly the Thoroughbred, minimise the impact and improve the clinical management of disease and injury in all age groups, promote successful breeding and production and prevent injury in racehorses.

Our review process is informed by the priorities of key industry stakeholders and scientific merit is the single most important criterion by which applications are assessed. For a list of our strategic research priorities, a detailed description of the scope of the HBLB’s research interests and application details please click here.

Applications must be made via the HBLB online application system. If you are a new user of this system you must submit your details to the HBLB via the ‘Registration’ link on the previous page - you will be sent a user name and password if your details satisfy the HBLB's relevant funding criteria. Current registered users do not need to re-submit an eligibility check.

For further information please contact the Equine Grants Team at equine.grants@hblb.org.uk, tel. 020 7333 0043 or visit the HBLB online at www.hblb.org.uk and racehorsehealth.hblb.org.uk